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Montgomery County Fire/EMS is responsible for delivery of emergency medical services to an estimated population of 28,000 people living in a geographic area of approximately 200 square miles. What was originally a funeral home and hospital based service during the 1970’s is now a fully functioning Advanced Life Support service answering approximately 6500 calls per year. We have 3 ambulances on duty each day, each equipped with paramedics at an ALS level.  Due to us being a combination fire and EMS service, we are also able to staff our 3 reserve ambulances fairly quickly when the emergent need arises.

Medicine has been changing rapidly throughout the years and MCFDEMS has taken great pride in being able to offer the citizens of Montgomery County a level of service not typically seen in other Kentucky counties. With a commitment to offer a progressive, evidence-based medicine in a compassionate environment,

Medical Director Dr. Jason Bowman is setting the standard at a very high level for the EMS staff. Through continuing education and a quality assurance programs, along with a progressive mindset, the EMT’s and paramedics at MCFDEMS are constantly looking at how improve the field-level medical treatment that is delivered to our residents.

We are constantly evolving and staying on the cutting edge of pre-hospital medicine.  We have added new medications to our protocols to improve patient care including the addition of Ketamine, Ativan, Norepinephrine, Promethazine, and Solumedrol just to name a few.  We have updated our operational protocols to include direct transport to a tertiary facility whether it be for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, Trauma, or Neurology Services.  We always advocate for our patients, doing what is in their best interest!